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February 2013
TJ shoots the short 'Emily' the story of a freight train driver manipulated to play a key role in an extortionist act of terror. TJ will be playing the DCI Taylor, the tough interrogator trying to break the suspect and establish the true motive for his actions

February 2013
TJ secures award winning screenwriter and author Stephen Potts to pen the screenplay for 'The Report'

November 2012
TJ options the book 'The Report' by Jessica Francis Kane - the story of the worst civillian disaster in WW2, which took place at Bethnal Green Tube Station, and in which 173 people lost their lives

October 2012
TJ options 'e-luv' - written by Dave Roberts - a comedy about internet dating and the darker side of internet addiction

July 2012
TJ shoots Rocky Road, a mocu-drama in the style of Modern Family. The film centers around aging boxer Sidney Taylor. Divorced and re-married Sidney gets word that his estranged teenage son Paul is making waves as young boxer and may get a shot at the London 2012 Olympics. Inspired by his son's ahcheivments and his faded ambitions, Sidney gets back in the gym and to have one last fight and prove he always had what it took. TJ will be playing Mike, the sparky owner of the gym, who, against his better judgement, helps Sidney realise his dream

May 2012
TJ shoots commercial for HSBC

April 2012
TJ shoots trailer for new web series '8 The Series'

February 2012
TJ shoots Macdonalds billboard and press campaign for the London 2012 Olympics

January 2012
TJ goes into pre-production on the comedy feature film 'The Bromley Boys'. TJ will be playing Roy, a myopic dustbin man and die hard Bromley football fan

December 2011
TJ films the drama short 'Dr Storey'. TJ is playing the role of Justin, a cocky paramedic, who believes Dr Storey (played by Sally Scott) is not up to the job when called out to a more than unusual incident

September/October 2011
TJ is currently shooting the 30 minute short 'Another Day'. TJ plays the male lead 'Marcus', who's life is on a downwards spiral after a bitter divorce battle with his now ex-wife. Marcus, seeming to have no where to turn is contemplating ending it all when he stumbles upon Natalia - a care free Russian bohemian who helps Marcus come to terms with his plight

May 2011
TJ shoots music video 'Hello Future' by Moby. Directed by Shofiqul Uddin for Saatchi and Saatchi Young Directors Showcase in partnership with Vimeo. The video can be viewed by copying the link into your browser.

April 2011
TJ is currently filming the 30 minute comedy/drama short 'Lift'. TJ will be appearing in the lead role as 'Richard' - a highflying businessman who's latest deal is about to come crashing down. Richard is racing to alert the rest of the Board when the lift he's in breaks down. With no phone and limited air his plight is made all the worse by fellow passenger, Naomi, temptress and daughter of the big boss!

March 2011
TJ films the Mobile and Internet soap smash 'Persona'. TJ will be featuring as love rat Tony Lancing!

TJ films the the tense thriller feature film 'Random 11'. TJ will feature as Head of Security.

February 2011
TJ confirmed to play the role of the Camera Operator in the behind the scenes comedic short film 'Focus'.

TJ plays the role of Butch in the 'Done in 60 Seconds' Pulp Fiction spoof for the Empire/Jameson Film awards. The film can be viewed by cutting and pasting the following link into your browser

January 2011
TJ films the short 'Taking The Dog for a Walk'for Little Seed Productions playing the role of the Park Keeper.

December - Ongoing 2011
TJ acquires the rights to the book 'The Bromley Boys' by Dave Roberts. The story is part coming of age and part football memoir, and follows 14 year old Dave Roberts as he supports Bromley FC (the worst team in Britain at the time) through their worst ever season. TJ is currently working with writers in developing the screenplay of the same name. TJ will be Exec Producing and playing one of lead roles - Roy Oliver - dustbin by morning - ballroom dancing wiz by night - Bromley FC football nut the rest of the time. Principal photography is due to start Autumn 2011.

November/December 2010
On the back of a successful 1st run Stage 2 of theatre production 'Alive In Wunderland is now being rehearsed. TJ will again be playing camp fashionista Mr White - The White Rabbit. The show will take place on 29th/30th November and 1st/3rd December at Old Cholmeley Boys Club in Dalston

October 2010
TJ plays role of Francis, an East End thug, opposite Valerie Ford for Gangster flick test shoot

July/August 2010
TJ rehearses for the role of Mr White - The White Rabbit - in Malice In The Making's forthcoming production 'Alive In Wunderland' at The Hall, Old Cholmeley Boys Club, Dalston, London. This installation aims to provide a platform to showcase the work and help secure full scale production funding for an ambitious UK Festival Tour in 2011.

June 2010
TJ records the vocals for soft drinks brand Juice Doctor's World Cup Viral Song under the guise of an animated fruit called John Lemon. The song is called 'I Gotta Feelin' (In Me Waters) and will follow England throughout the World Cup. The song in available to buy on Itunes with all profits going to Sparks, The Children's Medical Research Charity. Check the song and video out under the 'my reels' section of this site